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In July 2012, Micu issued the first challenge on her blog, inviting one and all to make someone smile through the power of mail art. The challenge was to create mail art on the theme of your favourite cartoon! The person she wanted to send smiles to was Daisy (read her blog here), and within a few weeks a couple of us had sent off some mail art, hoping to brighten up Daisy’s day a little.

Go see the participants in Micu’s gallery!

Here are some examples of what we sent:

I got the honour of selecting the next theme, and also to choose whom next to cheer up. But I encountered two problems:

  1. How would I go about to find someone to receive our mail art, and…
  2. How could we get more people to participate?

I know how happy I get when I find real mail in my mailbox. I have a feeling I am not the only one. And I also have the feeling that this project can become a really, really good thing.

Micu very kindly offered me to join her in her project, and I could not be more excited. We will send pretty, happy mail art out into the world and we will get people to join us! We will send smiles!

We are setting up this blog as of NOW. We are setting up an e-mail list, be sure to join it to get updates on our new challenges! Join our Flickr group! You know anybody that could really use a smiley boost and would be cheered up by reverencing pretty mail art and letters from happy, snailmail-sending enthusiasts? Give us a shout! You know more crazy, artsy, snailmail-sending ninjas? Tell them too. Help make a different, through the power of mail art!

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