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Challenge #1 – Woodland animals

Dear Mail-arters and smile fans,

We are happy and proud to announce that the year 2013 brought us some good news. Finally we can launch our Mail art project thanks to Melissa Kojima, a wonderful artist in La La Land, who has helped us by submitting a nomination for a wonderful family that would be happy to receive some smiles. We warmly recommend that you visit Melissa’s website and have a look at her inspiring art: melissakojima.

Micu won an amazing paper doll Christmas collection giveaway from Melissa and since then they started to exchange e-mails, a few letters and ideas. When Melissa found about our project she was thrilled by the idea, and has since given us a lot of great suggestions and ideas, and we are so excited and grateful for her feedback!

On the top of everything she nominated her sister and her family to be the first recipient of the project. Isn’t it amazing that we are sending smiles to a 6-member-family? We are so excited that we are afraid to burst like a balloon :) We are pleased to announce our recipients for the first mail art challenge of 2013:

The Borron Family!

Stephanie-n-Buefords-Kids-Daniel-Felicia-Eric-Samuel        Stephanie-n-Bueford-Wedding

We would like to include Melissa’s wonderful nomination:

“I love your mail a smile project and want to nominate people for this.

The first person I thought of was my younger sister, Stephanie Borron.  Why does she need a smile? Well, she recently adopted 4 children.  Although she feels very blessed to have them, it is a challenge to be a new mom with this instant family.  I think she feels run down a lot from all the responsibility and she also doesn’t take many breaks for herself.  I think just being reminded that what she is doing is a wonderful thing could help her.  I also know that the kids are having a hard time adjusting.  They were in foster care because their parents were in and out of jail and on drugs.  They too could use lots of smiles and cheer.  So I guess I’m actually nominating my sister’s whole family.  Her husband and she couldn’t have kids so they decided to adopt these four who are all siblings.”


We think it is amazing that Stephanie and her husband decided to start a family together and that they decided to adopt four little angels, Daniel, Felicia, Eric and Samuel, who are all siblings. Aren’t they the cutest family? We can only imagine all the love in that family! We also understand that it is quite a challenge and that it take lots of time and adjustment both to the parents and the kids. It can take a lot of energy and sometimes it feels good to be reminded that what they are doing is a wonderful thing. So let’s give them some smiles, shall we?

Ready – Set – Go!

Let’s get started! Now that you have been introduced to the family to whom we are sending smiles the next step is start creating your mail art work which is going to bring smiles to Stephanie, Bueford, Daniel, Felicia, Eric and baby Samuel.

Their address will be announced to everyone who signs up to our newsletter (this way only those people will have the private address who actually participate in the challenge)  so if you want to participate please sign up on the top right of the webpage or send a request to info[at]mailasmile[dot]org. If you have already signed up you will receive a newsletter soon!


Here is what you do:

  1. Create happy mail art, and take a picture of it for us to share. The theme for this challenge is “Woodland Animals”, which can be freely interpreted, or if you find inspiration in something completely different: GO FOR IT!
  2. Send the happy mail art to the family
  3. Email us the picture of your happy mailart so that we can add it to our gallery!
  4. Make sure to let us know if you want us to link back to you on any site or social media profile


This challenge will run until February 28th, 2013.

That’s how simple it is to participate in spreading smiles around the world! Go create!


IMPORTANT! – Additional notes:


As you might have notcied, we have rethought the process of the whole challenge thanks to Melissa’s feedback and we decided to cancel the voting system and instead use a random number generator to decide who can decide the next challenge’s theme. We also agreed on that sometimes “rules” can be a bit inhibiting for when you are feeling in an arty mood and inspired to just create, and maybe you would want participate but have really no interest in the actual theme. So themes are going to be a guideline, but by no means a MUST. As mentioned, the theme for this challenge is “Woodland Animals”, which can be interpreted in any ways you wish. If you really really have no idea how to combine mail art and Woodland Animals just make a mail art of the theme you wish for.

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