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Challenge #4 – Trees

Ciao everyone!

We are having our 4th challenge and we are sending smiles to Simone this time. He is originally from Italy,  but he lives in the U.S. now. A true Italian this time, this is very exciting, right?:). He and his wife had moved several times over the last five years due to several issues and it gives them a really hard time to always cope with the new neighborhood. Moving isn’t easy and it’s hard to find a place they can afford. He’s stressed out because of financial issues. Simone loves his country so anything Italian would bring him a smile. Baci e abbracci! Grazie!


source of the drawing:


Ready – Set – Go!

Let’s get started! Now that you have been introduced to Simone to whom we are sending smiles the next step is start creating your mail art work which is going to bring lots of smiles.

His address will be announced to everyone who signs up to our newsletter (this way only those people will have the private address who actually participate in the challenge)  so if you want to participate please sign up on the top right of the webpage or send a request to info[at]mailasmile[dot]org. If you have already signed up you will receive a newsletter soon!


Here is what you do:

  1. Create happy mail art, and take a picture of it for us to share. The theme for this challenge is “Trees”, which can be freely interpreted, or if you find inspiration in something completely different: GO FOR IT!
  2. Send the happy mail art to Simone
  3. Email us the picture of your happy mailart so that we can add it to our gallery!
  4. Slight modification! Send us your theme choice in case you will be the winner I can publish the next challenge immediately so the project can operate smoothly without a delay
  5. Make sure to let us know if you want us to link back to you on any site or social media profile


This challenge will run until May 31st, 2013.

That’s how simple it is to participate in spreading smiles around the world! Go create!


IMPORTANT! – Additional notes:

We also agreed on that sometimes “rules” can be a bit inhibiting for when you are feeling in an arty mood and inspired to just create, and maybe you would want participate but have really no interest in the actual theme. So themes are going to be a guideline, but by no means a MUST. As mentioned, the theme for this challenge is “Trees”, which can be interpreted in any ways you wish. If you really really have no idea how to combine mail art and Trees just make a mail art of the theme you wish for.

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