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My name is Micu and I am here to introduce you Pedro, a traveling donkey. (Special thanks to Orsi, my friend who crocheted him)

I think there is too much pressure on people to buy gifts for all sorts of occasions. We “must” buy gifts for birthdays, Christmas, weddings etc…I truly believe the most precious gifts are the ones that you don’t buy in a store. Instead of buying another bag or another T-shirt, why don’t you go for a walk with your loved one and talk about your day? I think people are so overwhelmed with work that they simply don’t have the luxury of spending a few hours with someone after a regular workday. It is easier to buy something and the duty is done. 

I think it is absolutely okay not to give gifts for any occasion. Personally, I don’t want you to spend your money on a gift that I most probably don’t need to be happy. Instead I want you to explore the world, use that money to travel as much as you can to broaden your horizon. Let’s go for a walk, tell me about your adventures and you already made me happy:) If you really want to give something tangible, write me a postcard:)

The idea behind Pedro is the same. He wants to travel around the world and make you happy. Once you spent enough time with him, pass him on and ask that person to do the same.

A little notebook travels with Pedro because he wants to learn about you. Answer the ones you feel comfortable answering.

Here are the questions:

  • Tell a bit about yourself! What makes you unique? Are you happy with your life?
  • What makes you happy?
  • What motivates you?
  • What are you proud of?
  • Who inspire you and why?
  • What are you grateful for?
  • What is the biggest challenge in your life?
  • What would you recommend Pedro that is worth discovering? (e.g. a place to visit, a movie, a piece of music, a food and so on)
  • What are some of the best moments you will never forget?
  • Is there a story you would like to share with Pedro?

If Pedro is visiting you at the moment, I would love to receive a photo of him so I can publish it in the gallery section.

Do you like the idea behind Pedor?

Pick your own “Pedro”,  get a notebook and start your own traveling animal.  Don’t forget to share your initiation with me:) You can always send me a message to info [at] mailasmile [dot] org

Let’s not buy a gift today:)

With love,




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