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“Ahoy Every Fellow Mail artists!

You must have been wondering about who is that little guy in’s logo, right? Well, it is me, FRED. As simple as it sounds. I am the smiley envelope who is making sure that every smile you send reaches their destinations. You can call me “Fred, the smile sender”. My name origins from the Swedish word, “Fred” meaning peace. I am lucky to be given such a noble name, aren’t I? I take my job very serious so I hope you will trust me with your smiles! Don’t worry once you seal me, nothing is going to fall out and I won’t stop flying until I reach the person who is longing for smiles.”

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I am planning to travel around the globe. You can read my and Freda’s travel posts here:

POST 17)

Fantastic news from Freda who was on holiday in Spain with Eva. Poor Freda, she has to come back to Hungary where it has been raining for days…Thank you Eva, for the wonderful time<3


I’ve been spending these days in a Mediterranean village called Peníscola, in Spain. Even if it is so crowded during the summer, I have managed to have a relaxing time. Almost every day I’ve enjoyed the beach (alcohol-free cocktail, don’t worry!):


This is called “La porteta” (‘The little gate’). It was one of Eva’s favourite spots for playing and swimming as a child. She used to come here with her cousin or the children of the street. At that time, you could see just the sea and the mountain through the gate. There were only two or three buildings, but now is full of them. Still a beautiful view:


Sometimes, the best way to relax is just to look at the sea…

More fantastic photoes fom Freda’s visit in Spain:)Enjoy:)

​I went to the harbour and I tried to climb to the green light. But it was too difficult or I’m too little!


And here you have a nice view of the old town, surrounded by the sea. I took the picture at dust, so you can see the lighthouse working. It is a pity that I hadn’t the time to visit the castle on top. Maybe next time?


​And this is me again… in the heaven of stamps!

​I went to the harbour and I tried to climb to the green light. But it was too difficult or I’m too little!


And here you have a nice view of the old town, surrounded by the sea. I took the picture at dust, so you can see the lighthouse working. It is a pity that I hadn’t the time to visit the castle on top. Maybe next time?

This is me in front of an ancient fountain. It’s call “the fountain of the shell”, you can see why. It exists at least from the 16th century. Eva didn’t allowed me to swim there, because people drink from the stone shell. The water is very good!
This is me in front of an ancient fountain. It’s call “the fountain of the shell”, you can see why. It exists at least from the 16th century. Eva didn’t allowed me to swim there, because people drink from the stone shell. The water is very good!

POST 16)
Freda in Óbarok and Mány – Hungary

Freda has spent a wonderful time with Kati in Óbarok and she even found a new friend:) How amazing:)



If you didn’t know since 2009 the starting point of the Camino de Santiago (El Camino) can be Budapest. The route between Budapest-Lébény is an official part of the Camino de Santiago. The Hungarian part of the route is 280 km. From here you can walk all the way to Santiago following the yellow shell signs. The route crosses Mány, where Freda spent a few hours:) Exciting, isn’t it?:) Thank you Kati for giving this amazing journey to Freda:)


POST 15)

Freda in Kecskemét, Hungary

After Italy Freda came back to spend a few days in Kecskemét, Hungary. She had a wonderful time with Domi.

These pictures were taken in the centre of Kecskemét. On the first picture you can see the mock-up version of the main square. In the back there is the Roman Catholic Church. On the second picture Freda is sitting in front of the City Hall next to the statue of Ferenc Kossuth. On March 15th we commemorate the Revolution of 1848-49. that’s why you can see flags around her.

DSCF4090 DSCF4095

This is a rain reservoir which is a very popular Holiday Park. You can see a hill in the background. That is an artificial hill which was built by the sand that was digged out to create the lake. There is a beach, running track, occasional circus shows and lot of other things.

DSCF4081 DSCF4084

This is the Main Square again. The big white yelllow building is an old Synagogue. Currently it is used as the House of Science and Techniques. The colorful building on the right is the Cifrapalota which functions as a musuem and gallery.

POST 14)

Freda in Obereggen, Italy

Freda spent a nice week in Obereggen, Italy. Fred has been there before but sadly she didn’t find him there. Anyhow she had a nice time with Nelli, thank you for hosting her:)

Obereggen – Zischghof Krauter Hotel
DSCN5238  DSCN5237

Freda and a LOT of snow





POST 13)

Freda in Rome, Italy

February 1st-6th



Piazza Venezia – Vittorio Emmanuel II monument

Piazza di spagna



St. Peter’s Basilica


Vatican post office





The key hole on Monte Aventino is not a well-known tourist attraction. When you look inside the hole you see the top of the St.Peter’s Basilica, so incredible!

Monte Aventino – Key hole


Piramide di Caio Cestio


La Bocca della Veritá



Fiumicino beach


POST 12)

Fred has travelled to Sevilla, Spain in August 2014 and currently it looks like he is stuck in there since then for an unknown time. We hope he will fly home soon until he comes back his sweetheart, FREDA is on a quest to find hime whole travelling around the globe.


POST 11)

Budapest, Hungary

August, 2014.

Fred arrived back from Paris last week and he brought me some surprises! I am very grateful for the notebook and the napkins…because they are Le Petit Prince themed!! It is my favorite book:) Thank you Eric for all the great gifts:) By the way, the white candies are addictive:)) Very delcious ones:)


Unfortunately, our winner Magdalena are not able to host Fred due to her long absence from home so Fred simply stays with us until next month.

Yesterday he met a very good friend of mine, Juci at Costa Coffee.

Then of course he met Latte, Kakaó and Bambi, our pets.

DSC_0216 DSC_0218



POST 10)
Paris, France


Fred had the privilige to travel to Paris, France. Eric was so kind to show him the Arc de triomphe, the Eiffel tower and Champs-Élysées. He even made friends with Lady Clochette and tasted delicious cheese:)


Fred in front of the Arc de triomphe             Fred doing shooping on the CHamps Elysées


Fred has also tested some nice French cheeses


Fred in front of the Eiffel Tower


Finally Fred has met Lady Clochette, a nice cow who was very pleased by this new visitor

Fred back in Hungary


Fred had a lovely journey in Canada and now he is back in Hungary but only for a short while. He is already packed and ready to fly and will not stop until he reaches France:) You can see Fred chillin’ on my crafty desk. Oh, and I need to mention that Fred brought me many thoughtful surprizes allthe way from Canada. Look at that awesome drawing of him (drawn by the lovely daugther of Maria). By the way Fred has eaten half of the candies during his journey but it’s okay he deserved it:)

DSC_0178 DSC_0176

Fred in Canada



Fred is having a lovely Canada day

I am happy to let you know that Fred had a safe flight to Toronto and now he is enyjoying his first time in Canada. She is staying with Maria.
Isn’t he a lucky guy?:)

image image2
Today he is down town Toronto



Here is Fred enjoying movie night with the family.

Fred in Denmark

Fred spent an amazing few weeks in Denmark thanks to Kati. I made a collage of the pictures but you can check out the pictures one by one below (however the image sizes are pretty large)


He even stepped foot in Sweden, yaay:) Thanks a lot Kati for giving Fred a splendid time. Now Fred is packing for his next travel to Canda! Exciting!

Fred in Oregon

Fred had the privilige to spend Easter with the queen of arts and crafts, Melissa Kojima:)


Above: Fred taking a selfie photo in front of tall pine trees and a partly cloudy blue sky.
Fred learned the best thing about Oregon is that there are beautiful places to hike and enjoy nature.  He took a lot of selfie photos in these natural environments.  It rains a lot in Oregon, but it makes beautiful flowers and trees bloom.  Fortunately during spring, it doesn’t rain as much, so it was a good time for Fred to visit and to be out and about.
 FRED in Forest on Fence MAIL A SMILE
Above:  Top L: Fred couldn’t believe that even a fence was covered in green moss.  Top R: A wooden bridge selfie on a hike through the woods.  Bottom L: So many pine trees along a path selfie.  Bottom R:  Mushroom and mini pine cone selfie.

FRED in Tulips n Forest MAIL A SMILE

Above:  Fred loves tulips blooming and being in the forest.


Above: Fred liked the moss covered trees and the budding leaves on branches

FRED in Leaves n Chopped Wood MAIL A SMILE

Above:  Fred got to see a freshly chopped tree.  Fred had fun jumping a pile of dead leaves.

Having a wonderful time in sunny California with the Carnes family


I’m taking a rest in a Sago palm tree at the Orange Circle in Orange, CA.  I spent the day wandering through antique stores.



At Nicole’s “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” themed tea table.

photo(3) photo(2)

Fred is at a birthday party and then learning how to crochet a scraf:)

Greetings from sunny California

As you might remember Fred was travelling to the sunny California. He was kind enough to send a postcard to let us know how he is doing:) More pictures of his visit are coming soon:)

photo 1 photo 2

Kaposvár, Hungary– February 14th-28th, 2014

Hello Guys,

I was back to Kaposvár again and only in a few days I can travel on. I am very excited to know what the next country is which I am going to visit:)


“Playing the piano”                                  “I love vintage objects:) “



“Refreshing lemonade”                                                ” I can feel spring coming “

“I am ready to move on”

Bolzano, Italy – February 7th-13th, 2014

I have spent the last week with Nelli and I had the privilege to travel to Northern Italy to have a look at huge snowy mountains. I have never seen so much snow before. We visited the city of Bolzano, I really liked the churches and fountains. I even climbed on a tree! Can you imagine that?:) I did pretty well, what do you think? I was chilling out in a bench and observed people passing by. Big entrance gates and mailboxes fascinated me. I even tasted Italian hot chocolate, I wish I could drink it every day:) I had quite of an adventure in Italy. I will never forget these days. I think I could spend a few more weeks here but unfortunately I need to travel on.

DSCN3114 DSCN3086
“Me and some funny birds!”
“I love Italian Hot Chocolate :) “
DSCN3098 DSCN3127
“Beautiful doors…”
“… and a lot of snow! “
DSCN3094 DSCN3096
“A sunny day at the fountain.”
“Look at me, I’m a squirrel :) “

Kaposvár, Hungary – February 1st-2nd, 2014


I have spent my first weekend in Kaposvár, Hungary in the company of Bambi. In the early morning of last Saturday we went to the river Kapos and breathed in the fresh morning air.
I have explored every corner of the banks of the river. I checked out the pylon and looked between the rocks as well. I enjoyed riding on Bambi’s back the most:)

In the morning of Sunday the same road suddenly got all icy. We could only move step by step. It was hard not to fell on our bottoms:) The top of the snow got icy as well due to the freezing rain. We walked in heavy rain but I still enjoyed it as I was mostly sitting in a warm and cozy inside pocket of a jacket:) Me and Bambi both had a lot of fun together. I can’t wait to travel and visit other beautiful places:)”

Fénykép5559 Fénykép5530
“I love the river!”
“The best hiding place :) “
Fénykép5647 Fénykép5637
“Bambi and me <3”
“brrrr, it’s so cold!”





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