Themes and participants

Here is a list of already picked topics to make it easier for you, thanks Eva for the suggestion:)

Already picked themes: (1) Woodland animals, (2) A cup of tea or coffee, (3) Music – playing an instrument, (4) Trees, (5) Your favorite city, (6) Your favorite cartoon, (7) Summer holiday, (8) The 80ies, (9) Spain, (10) Funny faces, (11) A day to remember, (12) Birds, (13) Black and white, (14) Ice-cream, (15) Robots, (16) Your favorite flower, (17) By the Ocean or the Beach, (18) Farm animals, (19) Sun,Moon,Stars, (20) Your favorite animal, (21) When I was young…, (22) My best friend is a dinosaur, (23) Winter fairytale (24) Love (25) Life on a mountain (26) Prince charming (27) Flowers and plants (28) Books (29) Friendship (30) Clotheslines (31) Balloons (32) Carnival mask (33) Autumn memories

and they are all the lovely, fantastic and crafty mailasmilers who have participated at any of the challenges (that I am aware of):

Australia: Ivy, Mel
Austria: Dani
Canada: Kay, K.M., Maria, Renee
Denmark: Kati
Finland: Johanna, Salme, Henni
France: Eric, Morgane, Clélia
Germany: Vio
Greece: Glykeria
Hungary: Ambró, Bálint, Léda, Nelli, Kata, Melinda, Micu, Juci, Logan, Zofi, Bori, Domi, Éva, Ildikó, Dóri, Magdi, Emese, Kati, Adria
Italy: Nelli
Morocco: Eva Oumayma
Netherlands: Heleen, Monique, Magdalena, Amuldo
South Africa: Nicci
Spain: Eva, Igakusei Davinia
Switzerland: Nina
Sweden: Jennie
Turkey: Elif
Ukraine: Anna
United Kingdom: Claire
USA: Melissa, Nicole, Kaytee, Sue, Susan, Andrea, Brenda, Carrie, Erica, Joanna, Leah, Lorraine, Jeanette, Kelly

Köszönöm szépen:)) Thank you, everyone:)

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